Confluence Plugins Plugins for Atlassian Confluence

Custom Dashboards

The Custom Dashboards plugin is the simplest solution to create custom dashboards in Confluence.

Limit access to the default dashboard or replace it with a custom one, create team dashboards or allow personal dashboards. Learn more

Image Slider

The Image Slider plugin lets you display multiple images in a simple and nice looking image slider.

Choose between multiple transition effects, display attachment comments as captions and link to pages or blogposts. Learn more

News Teaser

Looking for the best way to announce or share your news to your Confluence users?

The News Teaser add-on for Confluence provides multiple macros to easily display news from blogposts and pages in a beautiful way. Learn more


The Polls plugin lets you create simple polls to make choices or schedule events within Confluence.

Share your polls with other users and embed polls on wiki pages or blog posts. Learn more


Easily embed code snippets from Bitbucket Server, Bitbucket Cloud and Github Gist into Confluence.

Paste any snippet URL into the editor and the snippet will automatically be embedded using the Snippet macro. Learn more


The Spacetree plugin lets you create navigation trees across multiple spaces easily.

Group the spaces by specific categories or just create a list of all spaces. Learn more